Goals & Objectives

The Texas Building and Procurement Commission conducts the State of Texas Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program for minority and women-owned businesses. The goal of the HUB Program is to ensure all HUBs, as described in the Texas Government Code, Title 10, Subtitle D, Chapter 2161, are eligible for HUB certification with the State, and list them in the HUB Directory to ensure they have maximum opportunities to participate in the State's procurement in the awarding of contracts and subcontracts.

The HUB Program's objectives are:

  • Certify eligible applicants who apply for HUB certification to ensure maximum opportunities for state contracts;
  • Conduct random compliance reviews of applicants to verify information submitted by a business is accurate; and that the business remains eligible after certification has been granted to ensure utilization by state agencies in meeting their strategic plan goals;
  • Develop agreements with other certification entities to increase minority and/or women-owned business availability and utilization in State contracts;
  • Report state expenditures and payment information regarding HUB utilization during each fiscal year;
  • Develop a Mentor Protege Program process that enhances relationships between state agencies, prime contractors, and HUB vendors;
  • Establish graduation size standards and track the graduation of HUB businesses;
  • List qualified HUBs in the HUB Directory;
  • Develop HUB Subcontracting Plans for all contracts over $100,000 to ensure equal opportunities for HUBs;
  • Provide consulting services to state agencies and HUB Coordinators;
  • Provide quarterly updates to key HUB cooperative groups regarding the HUB Program;
  • Provide certification packets and information to HUBs regarding the benefits of HUB certification;
  • Provide access to information, bid tabulations, and contract opportunities to all HUBs;
  • Report annually by September 1st all education and training efforts;
  • Assist agencies with good faith effort requirements;
  • Identify responsibilities to assist HUB Coordinators with meeting agency HUB goals;
  • Implement rules relative to statutory requirements affecting the HUB Program, and 
  • Provide reasonable accommodations to eligible qualified applicants, who are disabled, in obtaining certification under the HUB Program.

TBPC is authorized by the Texas Government Code to promulgate rules governing both the responsibilities of agencies and vendors relative to HUB statutory provisions. TBPC, as an agency, is also required to comply with all provisions of the promulgated HUB rules that apply to all agencies relative to its internal purchasing functions as well as those purchases/contracts made on behalf of other agencies. This dual role is reflected in the development of our Strategic Plan for Historically Underutilized Businesses. 

How to become a Certified HUB Through Texas Building and Procurement Commission

TBPC administers the HUB Program as outlined in Title 10, Government Code, Subtitle D (State Purchasing and General Services). It is the policy of the Commission to encourage the use of HUBs by state agencies and to assist agencies in achieving these goals through race, ethnic, and gender-neutral means. The goal of this program is to promote full and equal business opportunity for all businesses in state contracting. HUB certification increases exposure to IFB's on delegated purchases, open market purchases, term contracts, leases, and construction projects.

HUB Certification

A business must be a Corporation, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, or Joint Venture in which at least 51% of the business is owned, operated, and actively controlled and managed by a minority or woman. For additional information contact the TBPC at (512) 463-5872 or contact Patterson Architects at (979) 775-6036.