“Working with you and your group has been a rewarding experience and a pleasure.”
- Mary Miller, TAMU

“During the last 20 years I have had the opportunity to manage many facility projects designed by both small and large architectural firm and I can sincerely state that Patterson Architects easily qualifies as one of the best with respect to customer service and commitment to quality results.” 
- John A. Clark, AIA - TAMU

“Without question I would recommend Fred Patterson to anyone considering the use of Architectural Services”
- Eric Ploeger, City of College Station

“I am personally grateful to Fred Patterson and his associates for providing well thought out, practical yet pleasing designs for our renovations.  I have learned some architecture, engineering and ADA law from working with them.  They educate us while designing our projects.”
- Maureen E. Reap,  CLGE Facilities Coordinator and O&M Building Proctor

“The Patterson project team was comprised of outstanding professionals that consistently proved to be professional, knowledgeable creative, effective, and efficient; always going above and beyond to ensure quality products and processes.”
- Holly Crenshaw, TTI

“Patterson Architects has always done an outstanding job for Brazos County.  with all projects their responsiveness has been excellent, their team works together to achieve quality design and they have stayed in budget on every project.”
Ms. Pat Howard, Purchasing Agent - Brazos County 

"I find Mr. Ravey to be very knowledgeable concerning jail operations.  His experience in the design of detention facilities has helped us to develop a jail that will be functional and meet our operational needs.  He has been open to new ideas and has worked diligently to insure we developed the facility we wanted.  Rick is very intuitive and has impressed me several times with his ability to meet our expectations on paper with limited information.   I believe Patterson Architects was the right team for our job."

- Wayne Dicky, CJM, Jail Administrator, Brazos County Sheriff’s Office