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Scope of Work
1. The Project will be completed in two (2) phases, basically the second floor and the third floor.
Phase One: The contractor will use the Owners attic stock carpet (currently stored on the fourth floor of the courthouse) to complete the work of Phase One. The contractor will replace all carpet materials used from the Owners attic stock with the material he will order for this project. Replacement carpet ordered under this contract will be stored on the fourth floor of the courthouse.

Phase Two: Once the contractors carpet material arrives on the jobsite, the contactor shall install the new flooring material on the third floor in areas indicated on the drawings.

2. Contract Documents indicate the work of the contract and related project considerations, which include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:
a. Demolition work includes the removal of carpet, rubber base and acoustical wall panels.
b. The work includes preparing existing surfaces for new finishes including carpet, rubber base and painting; installing new window treatments.

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